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Hello friends,

We are very pleased to announce that you can now find and review our restaurant on Tripadvisor.

We have already received some brilliant messages and we’re truly grateful for the time you have taken to leave us your kind words.

Please copy and paste the URL below in your address bar to view our current ratings or add your own review.

Rajshahi on TripAdvisor


Bablu and all the team at Rajshahi

4 thoughts on “Rajshahi on Tripadvisor

  1. mr Helliwell says:

    Tonight my experiance at this delightful restaurant had an extra twist !!, i strongly recommend the tandoori fish as a starter.
    I did have the waitor Noor to thank as he recommended this superb dish.

  2. JoeMcPhee says:

    I would just like to say that the Rajshahi Restaurant is one of the best indian restaurants in West Yorkshire, their fish jalfrazi dish which they cook to order for me is out of this world.We were there mid week and all credit to Labo and his staff they always have a warm smile and look after your every need.
    Keep up the good work it is well worth it..

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